My Culture Connect (MCC) is a Taiwanese education nonprofit that provides English education and cultural exchange support and opportunities in underserved rural schools. Our reach extends outward globally to schools, teachers and students internationally.

During the COVID-19 pandemic MCC begin teaming with the International TEFL Academy staff and students on-line (Chicago, Illinois, USA). MCC opened their doors to TEFL students seeking observation and tutoring opportunities in fulfilling their 20-hour practicum requirement. TEFL certification requires 20 practicum hours, 14 of which may be observation. We have an interesting thesis concerning on-line observation vs direct in-classroom observation. The on-line sessions often have the maximum capacity of 50 student observers. Opinions are exchanged, questions can be asked and answered. You receive much greater feedback. We see obvious advantages on-line.

This teamwork quickly became a win-win environment for MCC and the TEFL organizations and their members. TEFL students have earned practicum hours observing classes hosted by MCC and some have gone on to host such classes themselves. Tutoring hours, as well as class observation opportunities, have become available to TEFL students through MCC.

The potential for continuing cooperation and collaboration is open ended. MCC envisions a long-term team effort that serves the basic needs and purposes of both organizations.

Please join us in serving international education. We welcome your participation.

For more information about tutoring or co-teaching opportunities, please visit Volunteer page.

Contact information: Luke Lin/Skype Name: lukelin7429/email address:

Alumni's Experiences with MCC

***Michael Dishnow

"You are never too old, too experienced, or too accomplished to learn new things. At the age of 76, during this COVID-19 pandemic, I enrolled in TEFL certification programming at the International TEFL Academy in Chicago (on-line). After earning the 140-hour TEFL certificate I completed the three specialty courses (Young Learners; On-Line: Business).

I am entering my 10th year as a volunteer English teacher and member of the Taiwanese nonprofit, My Culture Connect. MCC is focused on providing English education and cultural exchanges in underserved rural schools.

I have been in classrooms in Changhua on 5 different trips of 4 to 6 weeks. My experiences in the schools and community are broad. When at home in the USA, I do Skype sessions weekly with students and teachers.

I learned many new ideas and had many of my practices reinforced/tweaked while becoming TEFL certified. It was a broadening, a growth experience.

My colleague Luke Lin has been setting up classes for TEFL students to observe for practicum hours/credit. I often teach the on-line sessions with him. Team teaching.

The networking effect is amazing. The growth in our reach as MCC volunteers and the gaining of newly certified TEFL colleagues is significant. This added an additional level of internationalism to our programming.

It is our hope at My Culture Connect to continue and expand our work with our new partner, The International TEFL Academy in Chicago and elsewhere. This team is accomplishing good things.

Thank you TEFL Academy and students."

***Kira Smalley

"I first found MCC after completing my online TEFL Course, while searching for an organization to complete my 20 hour practicum. Working with MCC and Luke Lin, I was able to complete my practicum (In record time, I believe.) and utilized both observation and teaching hours for the completion.

I am now a volunteer teacher with MCC and am so happy about my experience. Having the ability to observe classes online before jumping in can help to take a little bit of the pressure off and gives you the chance to see multiple teaching styles, all while connecting with fellow TEFL teachers. The community and outreach work MCC does is wonderful and much needed, but Luke is really taking it a step further and creating an online community for the TEFL Teachers."

***Bridget Hoarty
"I first heard about MCC while I was completing my online TEFL course with ITA. At the time, I was looking for a way to complete my practicum. During my first conversation with Luke, I could tell how passionate he was about teaching English to students in Changhua County. I began observing classes with MCC right away and was instantly impressed with the coordination between MCC and remote EFL teachers, the range of topics and activities in lessons, and the progress students made.

I continued my practicum with co-teaching classes over Skype and since have continued to work with MCC after becoming TEFL certified. Every time I teach a class, I come away with a huge smile on my face. MCC’s values of community, fun, and passion in education create a wonderful environment to work in. I am excited to continue my journey with MCC and cannot wait to see what the future holds for the community of students and teachers they connect with."